Current Research and Trials

The paradox of Stargardt Disease

Research for Stargardt disease has enabled the identification of the ABCA4 gene and a better understanding of the mechanism behind the disease. The fact that the disease is linked to only one gene is called “the paradox of Stargardt disease”, as many researchers had predicted that this disease would be caused by a large number of genes. The ABCA4 gene was discovered in 1997 (Allikmets et al. Sciences. 1997).

Scientists are currently trying to find a treatment, and different strategies are being considered: prevention, stopping the evolution of the disease, rehabilitation and/or replacement of damaged cells…

A dozen or so research teams are working on this disease and on the development of specific, adapted, innovative products. Presently, several teams have reached the beginnings of “proof of concept”, but they are not yet useable as effective treatment.

Several lines of research are being studied, and work is in progress: gene therapy, research into medical drugs acting on the vision cycle, cell therapy, implants…

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