Cures and actions to be taken

Stargardt disease: no cure but actions to be taken

At present there is no cure for Stargardt disease. There are only actions to be taken to slow the deterioration of eyesight.

However, research is initiated worldwide in various fields: gene and cellular therapy, and pharmacology. These are promising areas of research for Stargardt disease, one of the most frequent retinal dystrophies.

On a daily basis, certain measures are recommended

  • Wear glasses or contact lenses fitted with antiUV lenses that protect retina againts the effects of UV rays.  Consult your optician for more information.
  • Wear large glasses allows a better protection againts light rays coming in lateral side of the eyes. The aim of « large glasses + AntiUV glasses » is to filter the UV rays to a maximum.
  • The sunglasses allow to better support the light intensity. Choice the color of the lenses according to the desired visual comfort. Orange lenses can protectboth against the briightness of the exteriror light and blue light (smatphone, laptop, computer, LED lamp).
  • Wear head caps under the sun to diminish light intensity.
  • Avoid taking excessive beta carotene (carrots) and vitamin A.
  • Avoid « nivaquine ».

Various « low vision » devices exist for the comfort of the eyesight

  •  Orange lenses improve contrasts
  • Various sizes of magnifiers
  • Monocular, small binoculars
  • Telescopes and computer aided devices

Other devices adapted to visual impairment

  •  Electronic books and audiobooks
  • Calculators
  • Telephones with large keys


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